Thursday, September 16, 2010

iPad iOS 4.2 Beta

It was reported earlier that developers who were given early releases of iOS 4.2 for testing purposes, found a couple noteable changes to the iPad’s basic controls.

For example, the screen orientation lock slider on the side of the iPad morphed into a mute button, similarly to the iPhone. Some people will likely love it...but the screen lock button can be extremely useful when reading a book or a web page. The screen orientation lock function did not disappear completely, users can still lock their screens with the new iOS 4.2 multitasking bar, and swiping left to activate the feature.

Another is that iOS 4.2 beta allows users to adjust the brightness of their iPad’s screen on the fly, instead of having to exit apps and having to adjust the brightness through the iPad’s settings...this should be appreciated by most iPad owners.

The Game Center application preserves the general look and feel of the iPhone/iPod touch app that was in testing with iOS 4.0 and released to the public in iOS 4.1, with the same four tabs at the bottom.

Since iOS 4.2 is still in a beta, these changes may not be included in the final release, scheduled to be released for the iPad in November.

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