Wednesday, September 15, 2010

iPad Holograms

In this short film, iPads create three-dimensional images out of light, using long-exposure photography and stop-motion animation. The resulting animations are astonishingly versatile and beautiful. They include abstract alphabetic and geometric figures, but also dancing robots, blocky automata, and diffuse molecular effects.

The filmmakers also make terrific use of their landscape; some of the light figures are photographed reflected on or seen through surface. The ghostly city lights and shadowy iPad “handlers” are also part of the film, and surprisingly moving.

I apologize to my iPad visitors if you have difficulty viewing this video..

The first half of the video above describes the process used to produce it, which Jack Schultz from design consultancy Berg compares to a virtual CAT scan. The filmmakers first created a software template that plots 3-D models and generates 2-D stills. They then replay those stills on the iPad in sequence.

Helpers hold the iPad and move it through space, so the stills assemble themselves in space as if the iPad were “extruding” the 3-D object. Long-exposure photography stitches everything together.

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