Saturday, September 18, 2010

iPad Crucial Case Review

Udoka Chima of Seattle started Chima Designs and have recently release the Crucial Case for the iPad. Udoka, a current Mac Store employee, avoided the traditional design and has provided a simple case which provides style, durability, and most importantly...functionality!

To start, the Crucial Case includes 4 zippers along the zip. You can strategically place them at the bottom to charge your iPad or along the right side to adjust the volume or screen lock (soon to be Mute for iPad iOS 4.2) switch. There is access to the home button along the bottom, and I've had no problem pushing the on/off/sleep/wake button through the zipper. There is also two pockets on the left here that provide more functionality when mounted to a car headrest..I'll get to that in a minute!

On the back, there is a adjustable kickstand for the iPad.  Which works great for movie watching, YouTube or playing games/surfing the web in landscape mode.  Two zippers can be brought to the top, and opened to allow access to the volume...or you can use the on-screen volume control in CineXplayer as well!

There is additional velcro to allow the case to be closed and secured while protecting the screen, this can double as a handle to easily carry your iPad.  Chima Designs did an excellent job with placement of velco to a minimum, but effective amount.

Finally, there is an additional accessory...a separate headrest mount to keep the kids entertained as well.  The movable zippers will allow you to place them for easy access to the headphone jack while securing your iPad

My RX-8 doesn't really have a headrest mount location like most cars, but since it is still worked just fine!


On the upside, the Crucial Case contains your iPad securely and can be inserted/removed within seconds with the zipper access. The Crucial Case protects your iPad, has an adjustable stand, and an iPad Headrest Mount...these things separately could easily cost over $100. Overall, this case has an intelligent design with the inclusion of reversing zippers so you can move 2 easily without opening it to access an iPad port.  I really a fan of this 5-1 iPad Case, and don't think anyone will be disappointed

The only down side that I've found is that with all the zippers, you can at times have a lot of jingling when they are all next to each other. Really the only time I had them all together was as I took it out of the package. I know that this could be fixed with cheaper plastic zippers, but possibly a coating could correct the iPad Crucial Case.

When comparing functionality and prices to many of the other cases that we've reviewed, the Crucial Case priced at $59.95 is well worth the money. It does everything that you'd want a good iPad Case, iPad Stand, and iPad Car Mount to do.

The Crucial Case is the ultimate 5 and 1 iPad travel accessory for use on the go that not only looks good but performs well and is designed to last. Made in the USA out of ballistic nylon, this is the highest quality, most durable iPad case on the market. While sleek enough to be used as an every day protective case, this case also enhances the functionality of the iPad by easily transforming your iPad into a car and plane mobile entertainment system.
  • Made in Seattle, USA out of ballistic nylon
  • Detachable head rest mount for in car viewing
  • Food tray mount for plane travel
  • Rugged, easy to use, adjustable kick stand
  • Hand strap for grip free use
  • Protective folio case with pockets for iPad essentials
  • Dual zipper system to protect ports when not in use

Watch for our giveaway of this Crucial Case next week!

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  1. I bought this case and I love it's functionality, you need one of these cases if you're a serious ipad fan!


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