Friday, September 10, 2010

iPad App Review: 123 Color HD

123 Color HD is a popular kid’s coloring app that just received an overhaul with a recent update adding new features and pictures. In addition to the fun features kids know and love in the original version, this 123 Color HD update adds many items requested by kids, parents and teachers.

At the top of the list of improvements is a new freestyle finger painting called Perfect Paint. This new feature allows kids to easily paint within the lines on a number of coloring pages included in the app. Over 100 new pictures/writing templates are also available via an app purchase within 123 Color HD.

Kids will have fun coloring and learning letters, numbers and colors in other languages. They will also be able to learn continents, oceans, countries, states and capitals as well. These maps are a great way for kids to study for tests and learn world geography.

Kids can learn letters, numbers and 30 different color names in English, Spanish, French and German and now they can add the names of to the list. American English, Australian and British English voices are now an option as well.

Many additional features requested by kids, parents and teachers were added to this new version of 123 Color HD including:
  • Stickers
  • 123 Color HD now teaches the names of 30 colors, with colors spelled and spoken in four languages,
  • Freestyle finger painting on any of 10 fun pictures included or on your own photos,
  • Lined paper, graph paper backgrounds for drawing,
  • Australian and British English voice-overs,
  • New shapes including cones, wedges, trapezoids, and more,
  • Shake to erase (can be disabled in Settings),
  • New picture frames that can be added to your creations,
  • The option to hide city names on maps, showing only country and state names,
  • Double-sized numbers and letters,
  • Double-sized color palette,
  • Improvements to navigation and stability
The option to purchase over 80 new drawings including space robots, fairies & princesses, cartoons, dinosaurs, number and letter handwriting guides, and more.

123 Color HD is available for $2, which is 50% off from the App Store.

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