Tuesday, September 21, 2010

iPad Activity Monitor

The app analyzes various basic aspects of your iPad, such as capacity, free memory, current battery power, and network state. Activity Monitor Touch is also able to give you hard to get information, such as the CPU load current of your iPad along with the list of active processes and applications.

You can view:
  • Runtime (RAM) memory usage
  • Storage (Disk) usage
  • All running processes
  • CPU usage
  • WiFi IP address
  • Device information

Memory types:

Free memory - This memory is not being used currently

Wired memory - This information can't be moved to disk, so it must stay in RAM. The amount depends on the applications you are using.

Active memory - This information is currently in RAM and has recently been used.

Inactive memory - This information has not recently been used but will remain in RAM until another application needs more memory but no free memory is available. If called upon by a process, this is quickly changed to Active memory; if it has been swapped to the hard disk, it will be moved back to RAM and marked as Active.

Page ins / Page outs
Page ins/outs refers to the amount of information moved between RAM and the hard disk. This number is cumulative amount of data that iPhone OS has moved between RAM and disk space.

Activity Monitor for iPad is available for FREE from the App Store

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