Friday, September 24, 2010

Caveman Case Review

Well after we previewed the Caveman Case for iPad, we were able to get our hands on one to review and giveaway! Overall this case seems as nice as the moleskine DODOCase, but is priced a lot closer to the DIY Moleskine range at $54.95 for either the Night or Fire versions.

Caveman Case Co did an excellent job with their iteration of a very professional looking Custom Moleskin iPad Case.

The iPad is supported at two corners on the bottom and has a full strap across the top of the iPad, we have used this case exclusively for the past couple days and found it to be a perfect fit in style, accessibility and usability.

The case looks very classy, and conceals the iPad nicely while carrying it around at work!

The Caveman Case also works well as a stand for landscape viewing, the closing strap can be tucked under the supporting edge to provide friction on slick surfaces. 


Overall, the Caveman Case succeeded at finding a classy way to protect my iPad.  The case conceals enough to hide my iPad from would-be thieves, but also allows accessibility to all of the exterior controls on my iPad while closed.  The Caveman case is well worth the $54.95, and I recommend picking one up as you won't be disappointed.

Caveman Case available here

Watch for our giveaway of this fine iPad case in a couple weeks!

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