Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OtterBox iPad Defender Case

If you are looking for a "NO NONSENSE" hard case/stand for your iPad, you need not look any further! This case/stand combo runs for $89.95 from the iPad Series at OtterBox!

The iPad Defender product includes a black high-impact polycarbonate shell (which doubles as a hand iPad stand), a separate black polycarbonate shield, a silicone outer skin with a adhesive protective film. Other items include a microfiber cleaning cloth and stiff scraper tool to apply the protective film to your iPad.

OtterBox included numbered illustrations inside the packet discussing how to apply the protective film, remove the silicone skin, open the case, install the iPad, and close it up.

Film application really could have used written steps, as I have never applied a protective film to any touch device I own. When you're not using your iPad, clip the polycarbonate shield over the iPad screen to provide additional protection for the screen.

While using your iPad, the shield has a retractable builtin stand that will hold your iPad at a convenient viewing angle for use. To hold the iPad while using it, simply clip the shield to the back of the case. This case includes a removable access door to charge your iPad easily (or mount it in an iPad dock).

The OtterBox Defender Case for iPad is an attractive case with a rugged but stylish black polycarbonate and silicone suit of armor. On the back, a window was left open to show off your stylish Apple Logo!

I have a 3 year old girl, 23 month old boy, and a 6 month old girl...and definitely need a good durable case. My daughter is loving the learning/math/phonics games on my iPad (hooked on iPad worked for me!). I have no worries when my oldest daughter is running around with my iPad in hand...I haven't tested this to see if it floats in the bathtub yet though! =0


The Defender for iPad is definitely the best protective case that you can get for under a hundred bucks. I already feel more comfortable lugging my iPad around, knowing that it will be able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Otterbox Defender series iPad case is a full solution...providing and equal amount of protection and more importantly...style.

Look for a giveaway next week for this durable and useful iPad case!

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