Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OrionGadgets Apple iPad Sleeve Review

GaCheck out this Alligator iPad Sleeve Case that I picked up a couple days ago. This sleeve case is specifically designed for the iPad...and it fits nicely! So tightly in fact, that they added an iPad extractor device to this as well.

In the 2nd picture below, the velcro strap neatly secures your iPad for transport. Then with a little tug, your iPad comes out about 2-3 inches..see 1st photo.

From OrionGadgets:

This Apple iPad sleeve case features an eye catching Alligator skin pattern and is lined with soft felt material to protect against scratches. Perfectly fits the Apple iPad. Easily remove the iPad from the sleeve using the innovative ejection tab. Place the iPad in the sleeve and it pushes down the tab allowing the Velcro top to secure the case. To remove, pull the tab and the iPad will rise out of the sleeve enough to get a good hold and remove it the rest of the way.

This iPad Sleeve Case runs $25 and is a steal with some of the prices that I've seen on other stuff.


Here's a shot of the iPad re-tractor...this nylon strip (about 1 inch wide) pulls your iPad up about 3 inches for easy removal from the case!


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