Friday, August 20, 2010

Killer Pool HD, iPad App Review

Got it last night and played a few games of Killer Pool HD.

I will say that it's worth the price but a few suggestions...

I would like the option to see a ghosted cue ball at the end of the aiming line against the target ball. You can see and line up shots much better this way and also see if it can fit through openings. Ideally, this could be an option. As it is now, it replicates real life eying your shot which is not a bad thing.

I'd like to be able to move and aim the cue from the Top View and set my shot. The spin option is very poor. You get a limited profile view and I can't seem to make top spin or back spin happen and there's no way to side spin. There should be a box with the cue ball in it and a dot that we can move around the cue ball. Virtual Pool HD gets this right as the stick can be moved anywhere on the cue ball to achieve the desired spin. This is a VERY important factor in billiards.

Also, the basic table seems unusually long and stretched. The physics of the default "slow" table feels right and I can't see me ever changing that. Good job.

Again, for $2 it's a great addition and worth it, I'd just love to see some of those concerns addressed in updates - especially the spin option.

The most realistic pool experience on the iPad.

Including 5 different games:

  • 8 BALL, 9 BALL and UK BLACK BALL (Eight Ball).
  • KILLER - The classic multiplayer game for up to 10 players.
  • OCTOKILLER - A unique version of Killer played on an octagonal table, where players eliminate each other by sinking their balls, with the last remaining player victorious.


  • Accurate and easy to use controls.
  • Shooting using finger swipe or power meter.
  • Authentic spin and swerve.
  • Realistic physics, such as a cue that raises to avoid balls and rails.
  • Rich, lifelike graphics featuring polygon smoothing - no more jagged 3D edges.
  • Official APA 8 Ball and 9 Ball rules, WEPF Black Ball rules, and official table/ball/pocket sizes.
  • Single player, 2 player or multiplayer modes.
  • Tournament play: Local Comp & World Championship.
  • 3 table speeds
  • Play your own music in the background.
  • Resume your game after closing app.
  • Turn hints on/off.

Killer Pool HD is available for $2 from the App Store.

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