Thursday, August 26, 2010

KeyCase Folio: Keyboard iPad Case

KeyCase Folio is not yet in the U.S., as this product is still awaiting approval from the FCC. The case is already on sale in the United Kingdom, and GearZap is selling it for sixty British Pounds Sterling ($93)

We haven’t had a chance to get our hands on the KeyCase Folio. But, it seems that the iPad case comes with all the right cut-outs to make it simple for you when carrying your iPad and Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard around.

The keyboard itself is made of silicone and will therefore be squishy and very likely unresponsive. It has a home button along with all the media controls you’d expect, and will go into sleep mode to save batteries after ten minutes of non-use. The battery, must be charged separately from the iPad (although you can use your iPad’s charging cable to do it) and will give up to 45 hours of use on a charge.

With an integrated Bluetooth 2.0 Keyboard which seemlessly connects with the iPad for quicker and more comfortable typing - this innovative folio case is ideal for people who regularly use their iPad for e-mailing, making notes and writing documents.

The clever design of this multi-functional case allows it to protect the iPad, whilst it can easily convert into the laptop style postion. If you don't need the Keyboard it simply folds behind the iPad and out of sight.

Product Features
  • Stylish streamlined protective leather case designed for iPad.
  • Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 Silicone Keyboard.
  • Quiet keystrokes, dust-proof & spill-proof.
  • Durable Leather Style Exterior.
  • Magnetic fastening secures case closed.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 45 hours per charge.
  • Bluetooth keyboard charges using standard Apple power cables.
  • Auto sleep mode when idle for 10 minutes.
  • Easy setup - automatically re-connects when turned on.

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