Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iPad App Review: WordSearch Unlimited HD

This is a personal favorite of mine, simply because it’s so easy to use and minimalistic in it’s interface and approach, yet is stuffed full of word lists. Simply tapping or dragging a finger will highlight words, and there are three difficulty levels plus an online leaderboard so I can own my friends. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t have friends. Anyway, one of the simplest feature-filled searches in the app store.

How about taking advantage of that iPad you have in front of you by downloading a word search game that takes full advantage of that beautiful screen of yours? You’ll want to think about downloading WordSearch Unlimited HD then, a word search game that features unlimited puzzles (with each one being unique), three game level difficulties, lists from popular categories, lists of foreign words, auto save, local scoreboard, and themes like notepad and chalkboard. With other list categories like food & drink, fruit & vegetable, colors, boy and girl names, music, countries, animals, body parts, and many, many more, how can you go wrong?

Wordsearch HD is available for $2 from the App Store.

The top seller iPhone game WordSearch Unlimited is now on iPad. The whole user interface is re-made to take advantage of the iPad high resolution screen, the game play experience is now much better.

This is the lite version, get the full version with lots more features:
  • 3 game levels, up to 16 hidden words
  • Word lists from popular categories
  • Word lists with foreign words
  • Advertisements free

WordSearch Unlimited HD is one of the best word puzzle games in the App Store.
Play unlimited high quality puzzles, with themes you like. WordSearch Unlimited is the one you are looking for.

  • Unlimited puzzles: each puzzle is unique
  • Three game levels
  • Word lists from popular categories
  • Word lists with foreign words
  • Themes: notepad and blackboard
  • Auto save game state on exit
  • Local scoreboard

Word Lists:
  • Standard English words
  • Food and Drink
  • Family
  • Boy names
  • Girl names
  • Colors
  • Body parts
  • Clothes
  • World countries

More Word Lists in the full version:
  • Basic, standard English words
  • SAT vocabulary, GRE vocabulary
  • Animals
  • Fruit & Vegetable
  • Sports
  • Music & Instruments
  • Transport
  • Weapons
  • Weather
  • German words
  • French words
  • Spanish words
  • Italian words

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