Monday, August 9, 2010

iPad App Review: Madden 11 HD

My iPad has been offered up lots of gaming potential but relatively few killer app games since its spring debut, Let's Golf 2 HD comes to mind. Many iPad games boast the special acroynm HD for higher prices...but fail to deliver. Madden 11 will be released for the iPhone and iPad tomorrow, with the iPad HD edition is expected to cost $13-14. Is it worth it?

The graphics and player models on this year's mobile Madden appear greatly improved, more on a par with PS2/PSP versions of the game. Processor speed also helps: on the iPhone 3GS, an early build of Madden 11 seemed choppy. On the iPad, animations and called plays flowed quite smoothly and looked the way we'd expect them to on a larger screen.

If you are looking to take a finger-on approach, you can make ‘hot routes’, these allow you to drag your finger to dictate exactly what route you want each of your players to take. These were available on last year’s iPhone version, but the iPad’s larger screen size makes this amazingly intuitive, especially compared to the convoluted control schemes you’ll typically find on console football games.

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