Monday, August 9, 2010

iPad App Review: Let's Golf! 2 HD

This weekend, a new version of my favorite golf game was relesed...Let’s Golf! 2 HD. This new game, which is a sequel to Let’s Golf! HD, brings a faster and more colorful fun golf experience.

Liven up the sport with 8 fun characters, fully modeled in 3D. Customize your golfer with a selection of gear and clothes you can unlock to improve your skills.

Discover 108 holes of golf across 6 varied locations like Mount Olympus Golf Club, Aztec Temple, a Winter Wonderland in Greenland, a tree-filled Bavaria, the spectacular English Countryside and even the wild Royal Safari in Kenya. Each spot has its own challenges to overcome that grow in difficulty.

Each character has their own unique super power that can give them an unexpected edge. Pull off unbelievable shots by stopping the ball at will, making it super-sticky or by even rewinding time.

Grab a friend and play against each other in one of 3 different multiplayer modes: Online Wi-Fi, Local Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. You can also challenge the world by climbing the online leaderboard and unlocking achievements on Gameloft LIVE! for being one of the best golfers around.

Before you purchase the latest version of Let's Golf! 2 HD be aware that this game is the same as Let's Golf! 2 for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
I purchased this app after really enjoying the previous version on my iPod and iPad ....only to discover that I was charged again for the exact same app that I already had purchased before.

The game is well worth the 5 bucks. I have owned about 25-30 golf games over the years for my computers, game boxes and hand-held devices.. I've paid as much as 60 bucks for some of the previous games. Let's Golf! 2 is better than any of them.. It has many levels of play, lots of players, courses and tournaments. You can play this game daily for months and never play the same combination of setups. I would recommend this app over any iPad app on iTunes!

Let’s Golf! 2 HD is available for $5 from the Apple iTunes App Store

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