Tuesday, August 24, 2010

iPad App Review: iDough

Now when I think...iDough, I expect a $8,000 app showing off how rich you are!

But if you’re a young sculptor and have sold enough of your art to own an iPad, then there’s a new app just for you. CrateSoft has just released their new iPad 3D sculpting app, iDough.

The app brings old world hands-on sculpting to the digital age with the ability to mold the clay in 3D space all from your iPad. Moving around your sculpture in 3D space is very simple...with camera zoom and angle controls separated.

Simple to learn and powerful not only in professional hands.

  • Push, Pull, Smooth, Move, Pinch, Spread, Flatten brushes
  • Symmetrical editing that can be enabled/disabled at anytime
  • Variable size/strength brushes
  • Camera zoom/orientation control
  • Ability to e-mail sculptures as OBJ files for viewing with any OBJ mesh viewer
  • Gallery organizer
  • Easy creation of multiple version of a sculpture
  • 30-level undo

iDough is available for $5 from the App Store

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