Thursday, August 5, 2010

iPad App Review: Ghost In The Machine

Just when you thought it wasn't possible to contact the spirit world via iPad, here comes Ghost in the Machine! This isn't your typical Ouija-type app not only can you get multiple people involved like the old-school board game, but slick graphics combined with custom animations and creepy sound effects create an immersive experience. It's just an iPad app... Or is it?

Ghost in the Machine features:
  • Horrifying animations!
  • Gorgeous artwork!
  • Terrifying audio!
  • Supports multiple touches around application border to allow even more people to play!
  • A fresh ghost packed into each and every app!

Winner of "Best Use of an iPad" award!

Well now you know who gonna call? Ghostbusters...or Ghost in the Machine.

Fun little APP. It combines the randomness of Magic 8 Ball with a Ouija like format. The answers are surprisingly fun, so take this to your local bar for a great way to start that conversation, if you know what this Ghostbuster means.

I am giving it 5 stars because of originality, and the fact is this APP does hang sometimes using 3.2.1. I am giving the developers the benefit of the doubt as I am sure they will fix this. My hope is to see more originality like this Dom n' Tom APP from others.

This video comes from the app presentation by iPadDevCamp 2010 NYC:

Created at iPadDevCamp 2010 NYC by Team 8. Dom Tancredi, meta Phx Peter, Carolyn Sheehan-Gargano, Danny Saad, Laurence Koret, Neuro8, CatrĂ­ona Lohan-Conway, John Fitzpatrick, Scott Benaglio, xtrarice, Yanwing Wong, and Chuck Edwards.

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