Wednesday, August 11, 2010

iPad App Review: CineXPlayer

A new application will let you play AVI and XVID movies on your iPad. Unlike several other option in the App Store, CineXPlayer works well and is free.

The iPad Video app plays just one movie format: H.264-encoded videos in an MP4-wrapper. Anything else will need to be converted, a process that takes time, heats up your computer and results in a lower-quality file. The problem is that most movies and TV downloaded from non-official sources are AVI files.

CineXPlayer is very simple... install it, drag any AVI files into the app’s file-sharing section in iTunes... that’s it. To play a movie, open CineXPlayer and click on the filename. You get Play, Pause, volume and skip-to-beginning buttons, zoom button...just enough. The video works well and the sound is plenty loud, as compared to the built-in player.
Most downloaded shows (mine at least) are AVI files, but within that “wrapper” is the actual movie file. Picture the "wrapper" as the book cover and table of contents...

This will most often be an XVID or H.264 file. If it is XVID, you use this CineXPlayer straight outta the box. If it's H.264, then you need to rewrap that file as an MP4 that the iPad can play natively. For that, you use a computer application called AVIDemux discussed at Gadget Lab, an entire movie takes a couple minutes to "re-wrap".


CineXPlayer is the solution for you!
Transfer your Xvid movies to your device instantly (no conversion needed)
Play your movies anywhere, anytime - even when you have no Internet connection (in a train, a car, a plane…)
Enjoy the full quality and cinema experience
Full Resume Function
Swipe to Delete (to manage movies)

CineXPlayer is availble for FREE from the Apple iTunes App Store

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