Thursday, August 19, 2010

iPad App Review: Balloon Pop Challenge - Math Learning Game

School has started for most and parents are out looking for as many Back-to-School bargains as possible. If you’re one of those parents, don’t forget to add an educational iPad app to your shopping list. Balloon Pop Challenge – The Math Learning Game is on sale for a buck!


Designed with the help of a teacher and student testers, Balloon Pop Challenge is geared toward elementary aged kids learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students will be challenged as different colored balloons float upward on the screen at varying speeds. An equation (A + B = C, where C contains a number) is displayed at the top of the screen and each balloon contains an equation with numbers replacing A & B. Students must then determine whether or not the A + B in the balloons equals the C value at the top of the screen. If the equation in the balloon is correct, pop it with the tap of your finger. If not, let the balloon continue to float by and off the screen.

Each student's grades are tracked in their own grade book. See your high grade next to each challenge so you know how well you are doing. Practice challenges with increasing difficulty or perfect your favorite levels over and over again. . Kids will love this learning game, and will keep improving until they achieve an A on every challenge! Additionally, cumulative scores and overall high scores are tracked so that multiple players can compete to get a high score.

Math challenges include the following areas:
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiples (multiplication)
  • Factors (division)
  • Colors

Other Features:
  • Over fifty nifty levels in Challenge mode!
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty options for all ages and stages
  • Instructional and motivational messages with hints appears before each level
  • In Game mode, students will have a blast popping balloons and achieving combos while balloons get faster and faster!
  • In Learning mode, students get an effective sequence for learning and memorizing basic math! Start from any completed level
  • Practice Mode - Practice makes perfect! All levels are accessible to practice in practice mode
  • Unlimited number of users and grade books
  • Track scores in your own grade book and watch as your scores increase!
  • Beautifully crafted settings with fun backgrounds, animations, and sounds
  • Track high scores while you play the game
Balloon Pop Challenge is available for $1 from the App Store

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