Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPad App Review: Art In Motion

Art in Motion is a new kind of art application. It’s based on the idea that art should evolve with technology. The iPad is the best multi-touch device on the market, and it is packed with huge processing power. Standard drawing can be very fun, but it hardly makes full use of these advancements in technology.

How does Art in Motion compare to standard drawing?
  • With Art in Motion you create a scene instead of a painting.
  • Instead of drawing mountains, or trees, you customize and add orbs to your scene.
  • Instead of looking at your drawing, you watch your orbs come alive.
  • Unlike a painting, there is motion and life in your creation. You can even interact with your scene.
  • In a painting colors don’t change, in the scene colors fade and flow constantly.

Some examples of scenes I can create?
  • By adding many small orbs with little friction and bounce, you can create a water effect. It can slosh around realistically as you tilt your iPad.
  • You can create a large orb with gravity, and many smaller ones. Watch them as they orbit around like comets flying around a star.
  • You can create a scene where brilliant colors follow your fingers as you touch the screen.
  • You can create a scene where you fling fireworks with your fingers and watch them explode into beautiful colors. 
  1. Powerful physics engine
  2. 20 bundled scenes (to play with and study)
  3. Intuitive interface for creating new scenes of your own
  4. Full multi-touch support, so all 10 fingers can play at once
  5. Many settings allowing for unique and one of a kind scenes

If you enjoy kinetic art, psychedelia, fireworks, glow sticks and similar visual stimulation, you will LOVE this app.

Art In Motion is available for $3 from the Apple iTunes App Store

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