Friday, August 27, 2010

iOS4 For iPad?

During Apple’s most recent special event this past April, Steve Jobs informed the audience that they “we’re bringing iPhone OS4 to the iPad this Fall.” Fall doesn’t officially kick off until September 22, but could Jobs pull his now famous “one more thing” routine at the end of next week’s event?

The iPad’s internals are very close to the iPhone 4’s. Both use an A4 processor and include many of the same sub components. The iPad’s large display can easily match the iPhone’s Retina display so there shouldn’t be an issue with screen resolution matching. With both devices sharing many of the same specs, one could assume that getting iOS 4 on the iPad would be a very straight forward exercise for Apple’s bright engineering team and an earlier release date certainly seems like it would be possible.

Once this new iPad iOS is released, this will help the Dev Team to get going on an iPad Jailbreak for iOS4.  Hopefully they won't pass on iOS4 jailbreaking like they have for the iPhone 4.

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