Friday, July 2, 2010

iRead PDF Viewer For iPad

Aji, LLC has just released iRead PDF, an elegant PDF reader that offers annotation viewing on the iPad, entirely free. Based on iAnnotate, the developer’s powerful PDF annotation tool, iRead is a full-featured PDF reader that supports tabbed reading, bookmarking, comprehensive library search, and gesture-supported browsing for PDFs. In addition, iRead also supports viewing notes, highlights, underlines, or drawings which are added to documents using iAnnotate or another standard tool like Adobe Reader or Preview.

iRead PDF shares iAnnotates advanced interface, dynamic file transfer features, with simple organizational tools. Users may transfer PDF's through email, from another app, or through iTunes. Reading and sharing PDFs is quite smooth with this app!

Some Features:

Full-featured PDF reader: Continuous-scrolling page display with all standard scroll/zoom gestures supported, and full screen reading mode.

Easy transfer of PDFs: Send and receive PDFs via email, through iTunes sync, and by browsing to any PDF link.

Tabbed PDF Reading: Quickly switch between multiple open documents. Tab setup and page locations are always remembered, whether switching tabs or quitting and returning to the app.

Document and full-library search: Search your entire PDF library to instantly find all documents with any keyword. Tabs sort new, unread, and annotated documents.
iRead is available for FREE from the Apple iTunes App Store


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