Wednesday, July 7, 2010

iPhone 4 Jailbreak

According to MuscleNerd, in a July 6 tweet, Comex is advancing a jailbreak similar to his Spirit application: "the next jailbreak from @comex is like first Spirit..all devices, all bootroms, latest FW, painless install." Spirit was released in March 2010, allowing a user to jailbreak a wide range of iOS 3-based devices, including the new iPad tablet. One big change, according to the Wikipedia entry, is that the iOS device no longer must be tethered to a computer.

iPhone 4 Wishlist:
  • Allowing Apple's FaceTime video chat to work with only a 3G cellular connection instead of WiFi.
  • Upload of 720p high definition video, not just downloads.
  • Installing custom wallpapers and themes, changing iPhone icons, similar to the capabilities in Winterboard.
  • And an application to turn the iPhone 4 Wi-Fi adapter into a local hotspot (MiFi)
  • Wireless gaming controller for Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3, via the iPhone 4 awesome new gyroscope.

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