Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iPhone 4 End Call

I think this sticker would actually prevent the short that is normally made between the GPS and phone antenna, meaning you would not drop calls anymore, so you would have a defective decal.

Still funny though...

Or this one...

Found on 4Dudes.com

“Apple made a boo-boo. Make it all better.” So reads the excellent tagline for the Antenna-Aid, a vinyl sticker for the iPhone 4 which covers the troublesome spot on the phone’s antenna-strip and may or may not improve reception.

The stickers, which come in a six-pack for $5, “work like magical” and a come in “colors you can see with the human retina.” What’s not to like? They’re even printed to look like band-aids, although their efficacy is not certain: The blurb states that the stickers are “for entertainment purposes only.”

Available at Antenn-Aid.com for $5 for the set of 6.


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