Saturday, July 17, 2010

iPad App Review: Space Invaders HD

Space Invaders HD is now available for the iPad. This is the "official version" of the classic arcade game, brought to you by the company behind the original version. It’s been out on the iPhone for quite some time...

From the Apple iTunes Site

Here at last! An iPad compatible SPACE INVADERS!
Enjoy the game on iPad's big screen!
Two Player mode featuring the classic tabletop arcade version where users can sit across from each other and blast the alien horde!
Experience the King of Shooting Games, the arcade hit that captured the hearts of legions of fans and took the world by storm! Use your cannon to defend Earth from waves of descending alien Invaders!

All the features you remember have been faithfully recreated: the elusive UFOs, the "Nagoya Attack" technique, and the endless game play!

This edition features three control methods optimized for the iPad, four screen modes, and bonus extras including rare material from the original game's development!
1. On-screen controls
2. Touch & drag controls
3. Tilt controls

Screen Modes:
1. Color
2. Toggle Background
3. Cellophane Overlay
4. Monochrome

The resolution is worse than on an iPhone app 2x. The secret features, namely the images of the brochure, sketches etc are so low in resolution that they cannot even be read. The game is horribly pixelated. Not the screen itself, after all it is a classic game, but the surrounding graphics, including the controls. THESE ARE NOT iPad quality graphics here. There is no reason why the images or the game graphics surrounding the game screen have to look SO BAD. $5 is a rip off for this game. Make the graphics the proper resolution and then maybe it is worth it. After all the game plays ok, but it does not fill the screen. So if you don't fill the screen with the game and choose to add graphics around it, make them at least sharp!!! Fix it in an update. I want my money back...

Space Invaders HD is available for $5 from the Apple iTunes App Store

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