Friday, July 2, 2010

iPad App Review: iCab

Apple did a phenomenal job with Safari, but the one thing that drives me nuts and prevents Safari from replacing a real laptop browser is the lack of true tabbed browsing. Yes, I know you can open multiple pages, but it is just not the same as easily switching between Chrome tabs. iCab fixes that. It brings true tabs to the iPad along with a whole bunch of other awesome features, such as full screen browsing, flexible search engine integration, Web forms saving, built in filters, offline bookmarks, and a whole lot more. This app replaced Safari as the default browser on my iPad.

On the iPad...

  • "Real" Tabs implemented. Can be switched on (for faster access to the Tabs) or off (for more screen space). The old Tabs are still available.
  • Tab-and-hold on the bookmarks in the bookmarks bar can be used to open these bookmarks in (background) Tabs.
  • The progressbar is now drawn within the URL field
  • Downloads can be transfered to the Mac/PC through iTunes and USB as well.
  • The downloaded files can be opened in other Apps on the iPad which have registered themselves for the file types of these files.

iCab, available for $ from the Apple iTunes App Store

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