Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPad App Review: HelvetiNote

The App Store is filled with better and more attractive note-taking apps. The newest on the scene is HelvetiNote, a gorgeous note-taking app for the iPad that is as minimalist, muted and beautiful much like Reeder For iPad.

The iPad is the perfect device to collect our thoughts and organize our notes, but the apps available all leave something to be desired. HelvetiNote is here to simplify and improve your notetaking experience. HelvetiNote™ was designed and built specifically to fill a void in the iPad app market, and offer us all a purist and more enjoyable means of collecting our thoughts.

HelvetiNote offers a refined set of functions specifically intended to optimize iPad notetaking. For starters, notes taken within HelvetiNote are set in Helvetica. We've integrating a drawing and erasing tool so we can supplement our written notes with visuals. Both written notes and hand drawn notes are optimized for email. HelvetiNote's navigation hierarchy is organized and minimized while screen real estate is maximized. Notes are managed via Helvetinote's collapsible Notes Panel while the note-taking user interface is easily customized through the Themes Panel.

This notes app is absolutely stunning, both visually and mechanically. I finally have a place to organize my notes in an app that doesn't try the embarrassing replication of a pad of paper. I bought an iPad, not a pad of paper, and HelvetiNote fits the look and feel of the iPad seamlessly. I find myself playing with the color schemes, which are infinitely customizable, every time I take a note because it is so visually pleasing. The drawing feature is also perfectly executed and really allows you to store your thoughts with an elegant and professional feel. Bottom line: HelvetiNote is well worth the price.

HelivetiNote is available for $3 from the Apple iTunes App Store


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