Monday, July 26, 2010

iPad App Review:

Designed to showcase original features and automatically update for seamless content syndication from web to tablet, the for iPad app gives existing Cracked addicts an enhanced content experience, boasting crystal clear video, intuitive navigation, and interactive components to ensure fans can experience hilarious Cracked content anytime, anywhere and at the highest resolution. Styled to give the experience of a Cracked ‘editor’s perspective’, the app’s landing page is a blueprint of the Cracked break room, complete with a vending machine and full bar with stools.

“Over the last three years has established itself as the destination for entertaining and funny content that also educates. The new for iPad app allows us to bring the Cracked experience to the iPad and to be the first to do so in the humor space,” said Oren Katzeff, vice president and general manager of for Demand Media. “We’re truly focused on delivering great, original content to our fans and delivering unique experiences that allows them to engage and interact like never before. With the launch of our newest mobile app, our content has once again been set free, and it will find you.”

The for iPad app landing page was designed to be fully customizable by the team to provide unique branding opportunities for advertisers in an effort to apply Cracked’s success in creating successful, high-impact online campaigns that combine unique advertising opportunities with customized content and social media integration. Cracked has a loyal, engaged and interactive community which drives millions of views by sharing and recommending content across the social web. Like the website, the for iPad app offers brands, studios and networks additional access to the rabid, yet engaged Cracked community.

This app includes:

* An easy to navigate, fast loading feed featuring our latest content – with the extra second per day that we save you, you can finally spend that quality time with your family.

* Exclusive Editor’s picks, a daily updating feed of the best of our thousands of articles, hand selected by Michael Swaim, Robert Brockway, Dan O’Brien, David Wong and Jack O’Brien.

* A gallery view of the latest Photoplasty Contests.

* Our most popular and recent videos in high quality optimized for your iPad viewing pleasure.

* A view in to the Cracked break room, which will be updated frequently so that you can catch up on our latest obsessions (like robots, drinking, and drinking with robots).

Fans are already lining up to get the Cracked iPad app and saying:

“If you can only own one app – and I don’t know why that would ever be the case because apps are plentiful and so easy to download – this is the app you should own.” – Inventor of mobile apps

“There is no doubt in my mind that this app will one day win an award… when people actually care enough to have an award show for this kind of stuff.” – Academy Awards voter is available for FREE from Apple iTunes App Store

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