Monday, July 19, 2010

DODO Case Wins Shopify Competition

DODOcase was founded by friends who met while training for the 1996 Iron Man Canada triathlon: Patrick Buckley, who is chief executive, and Craig Dalton, who is president and business development director. Both are serial entrepreneurs.

Mr. Buckley, a 2008 Y Combinator entrepreneur, founded the search applications company WebMynd and is a co-author of The Hungry Scientist Handbook. Mr. Dalton, a former competitive mountain bike racer, was a founding team member of several mobile technology start-ups (including Proteus) and created a niche, sporting goods company, BooCooGear.

Mr. Buckley designed the original DODOcase, consulting with traditional bookbinders who he later hired to make the cases in San Francisco. The cases are made with bamboo and other natural materials, and can double as iPad stands. DODOcase aims to hit $3 million in revenue in its first year of business but declined to disclose revenue totals for the two months that won it the $100,000 prize. “With some 17 million iPad sales projected for year one, and Apple pricing their own ‘diver suit’ [neoprene] carrying cases at around $40,” Mr. Buckley said, “we see a $680 million market for iPad cases alone. This is a huge opportunity, and we’re the quality brand in this segment of the carrying case market.” A DODOcase costs about $60.

DODOCase available here for $60

Hopefully I'll be able to provide a review on this case in the near future!

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