Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apple Recalling iPhone 4?

Apple's iPhone 4 antenna problem has clearly not gone away, despite Apple's best wishes and their best attempts to censor.

Will it result in a massive iPhone 4 recall?

Only a week ago, we might have laughed off that idea. But now that Consumer Reports has come down hard on Apple over the issue. Consumer Reports has decided not to recommend buying the phone, despite also calling it the best smartphone on the market... the antenna issue is front page news.

“Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product, It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating.”
Professor Matthew Seeger,crisis communication expert

"To fix the problems, Apple will need to replace, redesign, or relocate the proximity sensor and prevent electrical conductivity between the antenna sections (possibly with an insulating coating on the steel). They can do this with a mid-cycle hardware revision, but they’d face an even more massive PR disaster (and a potential class-action suit) if they didn’t recall all iPhone 4s sold so far for replacement with the fixed models. It would need to be an unconditional (but probably optional) recall."

Instapaper creator Marco Arment

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  1. yup they have to recall or customers will move to android.


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