Friday, July 30, 2010

Apple Knows Where You Are

Apple told Congress that they collect location information about users of the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers in batches and encrypts it before sending it over a WiFi connection from the device to Apple every 12 hours.

Apple stated that it's iPhone, iPad and Macbook computers collect location information, but do so anonymously in batches and encrypt it before sending the data over a WiFi connection from the devices to Apple's servers every 12 hours.

The normally very secretive company shed light on its data collection practices for location-based services in a July 12 letter in response to a few questions from U.S. Representatives.

These Congressmen June 24 sent Apple a letter demanding to know about the company's practice for collecting, storing and sharing users' mobile device location.

Apple changed its iTunes privacy policy to reflect how it collects data about the location of Apple devices that consumers purchase.

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