Thursday, June 3, 2010

Verizon iPad Coming?

It’s funny how leading up to WWDC and the possible announcement of the new iPhone that all of these Verizon rumors surface. It’s just like when OS4 was announced. This very site “reported” that an announcement was going to be made that Verizon was getting the iPhone and there was a big Verizon conference call at noon to announce it to the sales force.

This is just another of those desperate attempts to bring attention to Big Red at a time when they don’t really have anything attention worthy

From BoyGeniusReport today:

According to a highly placed source of ours, Verizon Wireless is currently testing Apple iPad devices on their network. We have been told that the model they are testing is a CDMA-compatible device, and while our source mentioned LTE in some capacity (possibly another model), we haven’t been able to independently confirm that part of it.

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