Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Samsung: Galaxy Tape (Tab)

Samsung is joining the tablet race with a powered by Google’s Android operating system. Samsung’s tablet is called Galaxy Tape and is expected to launch in September.

The device has a 7 inch OLED screen, runs a 1.2 GHz processor, and includes 16 GB of internal memory which can be boosted to 48 GB, according to Tinhte.

The Galaxy Tape (also known as Galaxy Tab) weighs about 13 ounces and will ship with the latest version of Android operating system, Android 2.2 ‘FroYo.’

Details around pricing of the Samsung tablet or how it will be sold are not available yet but as the above photo shows the Galaxy Tape tablet is likely to have a user interface similar to Samsung's Galaxy S phone.

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  1. Sure, you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S.



    And imagine 6 months after you bought the Galaxy. You’re angry. You been lied to. The promised updates never come. There are real problems just using the phone. Forums like this fill with users like you, angry, dumping the phone, and comparing how little the can get for it on craigslist. $150? If you’re lucky.

    You’ll never buy a Samsung product again. Samsung has hired a PR firm to try to hide the real problems you and thousands of others are having with the phone.

    This is real.

    Do some research on the Samsung Behold II. This is Samsung’s business model.
    1) Shiny new phone with promised updates
    2) Wait… there’s no money in supporting a phone, only in selling new ones.
    3) Refuse promised updates on under plainly false pretenses.
    4) Go to step 1.
    5) Profit.

    Please, do not buy this or any other Samsung phone. HTC and Apple make nice phones that they support. Tell your friends.

    I’m just a regular guy who fell for their lies. Don’t be me, 6 months from now, in a forum, writing this same message.


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