Monday, June 28, 2010

Nokia Jabs Apple iPhone 4 Woes

Nokia’s not shy at jabbing below the belt. Directed squarely at the iPhone left hand holding problem, the company today published a ‘How do you hold your Nokia” post on the Nokia Conversations blog.

The clear attempt to mock iPhone 4 misfortunes, in which 1.7 million new users today are attempting and in many cases succeeding in replicating the now-famed issue, in which holding the device in your left hand has been show to drop your signal strength!

From the Official Nokia Blog

The key function on any Nokia device is its ability to make phone calls. After all, that’s why we know them universally as mobile phones (or smart phones, feature phones or mobile computers – though the same grip styles work for those, too). One of the main things we’ve found about the 1 billion plus Nokia devices that are in use today is that when making a phone call, people generally tend to hold their phone like a…. well, like a phone. Providing a wide range of methods and grips for people to hold their phones, without interfering with the antennae, has been an essential feature of every device Nokia has built.

Of course, feel free to ignore all of the above because realistically, you’re free to hold your Nokia device any way you like. And you won’t suffer any signal loss. Cool, huh?

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