Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No iFart For iPad

iFart and other similar applications have gone on to become very popular, proving that the general public has an appetite for recorded flatulence (disturbing!). Unfortunately for the fart-lovers, the application has hit a bump on its way to the iPad: iFart HD has been rejected on the grounds that it has “minimal user functionality”.

iFart isn’t some unknown application. In fact, it sold over 100k copies in its first 2 weeks and reached #1 on the App Store, it was also ranked in the top twenty iPhone applications of all time at one time... it has over 20,000 reviews to date.

This makes it clear that Apple is raising the bar higher for the iPad than it did for the iPhone. There is no way to know what Apple intends to do, but my hunch is that Apple wants the iPad to be viewed as a computing platform instead of a big screen joke!

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