Friday, June 4, 2010

Kno Dual Screen Tablet

The Kno, scheduled to be released in December, will weigh around 5 1/2 lb (as much as a typical full notebook). And while the price hasn’t been fixed, it is expected to be under $1,000. Compare that to a $500 iPad that weighs 1.6 lbs, or a $260 Kindle at 0.6 lbs.

Information from the website

Two dazzling touchscreen panels that you can write on, highlight on, watch video on. And...

  • Two large displays. It's stunningly book-like and can display a complete textbook without scrolling. Opens flat like a book or folds back on itself as a single panel slate.
  • Touchscreens. Navigate two beautiful touchscreens that deliver amazingly natural interactions with textbooks and notes.
  • Pen stylus. Writing is natural, and our stylus is smooth and effortless.
  • Video. Dazzling resolution that was built for video.
  • Multi-tasking. Change learning states instantly. Glide from a textbook to a video, then dash off a note with total fluidity.
  • Mobile. A truly mobile device, with batteries to last a full day on campus.
  • Compact. Carry eight terms' textbooks, notes, documents and media in a small device.

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