Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4 Details

Jobs noted that it was 9.3mm thick, or 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS. Jobs called the iPhone 4 the "thinnest smartphone ever."

The iPhone 4 features a camera with LED "flash" on the back, as well as a front-facing camera. The stainless steel band surrounding the outside rim of the device is part of an integrated antenna system to improve reception.

Apple has added a 5-megapixel, backside illuminating sensor to the iPhone's camera hardware. In addition to vastly improved low-light shots, the camera is also paired with an LED flash.

WiFi is upgraded to 802.11n speeds, and the cell radios support up to 7.2Mbps down, 5.8Mbps up HSPA+. Dual microphones are included for ambient noise cancellation. And Apple has added a gyroscope for six-axis motion sensing, in addition to the accelerometer of previous iPhones.

Pricing is as expected, with a 16GB iPhone 4 running $199 with a 2 year contract and a 32GB model selling for $299 with a contract. The iPhone 3GS moves in to replace the iPhone 3G at $99 with a contract. AT&T is offering customers who would be eligible for a new iPhone within 6 months of June 24 an early upgrade option without a price penalty—a nice move after frustrating many users with recent 3G data pricing changes.

Jobs announced a new video chat feature called "FaceTime". The new feature works between one iPhone 4 and another iPhone 4 over WiFi—so no compatibility with older iPhones, and you won't have to worry about video calls bumping up against AT&T's new data caps. "FaceTime is gonna be WiFi-only in 2010," Jobs explained. "We've gotta work a little bit with the cellular providers to get ready for the future." Apple is making FaceTime an open industry-wide standard, and expects to ship tens of millions of compatible devices this year.

iPhone 4 will be available in the previously revealed white and black colors. Pre-orders begin June 15, with phones shipping June 24 in the US France, Germany, UK, Japan. It will roll out to 18 more countries in July, 24 more in August, and 40 more in September.

They should have the iPhone 4 Jailbreak by mid-July at the latest!

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