Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPad Usage Increase

According to data from Net Applications, the iPad's share was at .09% for the month of May, over twice that of April. For every 10,000 devices connecting to the Internet, 9 of them were iPads. By comparison, WindowsXP OS were present in 6,253 of every 10,000 systems on the Web last month.

According to the horse's mouth (Apple) 2 million iPads sold in the first 11 weeks of availability, Apple is on track to sell 7.6 million iPad's this year. In the end, that number is likely to be larger...

Apple stated on Monday that it would launch the iPad in nine more countries in July, and still others later this year. Apple did not specify which countries will make up the July nine or how many markets it will enter before year's end.


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