Friday, June 25, 2010

iPad Unlimited Data Plan Lawsuit

Three customers in San Jose have filed a class-action lawsuit against both Apple and AT&T through the U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, The New York Times is reporting that customers are upset that the unlimited 3G data plans were removed after they purchased the iPad.

AT&T lowered the prices of its data plans on June 2nd to include two choices:

  • $15... 200MB plan 
  • $25 plan with 2GB
To swap out of the unlimited plan has the Apple iPad 3G customers

AT&T announced last month that it planned to eliminate the unlimited data plan for new iPad 3G customers and replace it with data plans offering either 250 megabytes or 2 gigabytes a month. Although the company agreed to allow current customers to keep the unlimited data plan, if they decide to skip a month of data they lose the option to return to the unlimited option.

The suit also says that AT&T was abrupt in its changes, giving customers less than a week notice that their unlimited data plan would be eliminated.

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