Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPad Recovery

Eric Boehs got to work this morning and realized he didn't have his phone and ipad, join us on this adventure as we try to recover it!

Being a techie, Eric fired up his Mac and used MobileMe’s "Find My iPhone" service to pinpoint his iPhone on Google Maps. His phone and the garbage truck were parked outside Hooters. The crew were enjoying lunch (and some waitresses) at Hooters. After 45 minutes the phone hadn’t moved, so Eric and his friend Billy jumped in his car and started to follow the iPhone using Billy’s iPad, with videographer Kyle following along.

Eric and Billy were determined. They knew that the iPhone at least was nearby, and likely the iPad with it. They found some friendly guys from a roofing company taking a break and asked them if they’d seen the phone.

“You got a white one?” the first roofer asked, grinning.

“It is!” said Eric.

“It got ran over?”


“Hell, open your trunk!” called the roofer at one of his coworkers.

“I got an iPhone, and an iPad. One of these guys,” said Eric, pointing at Billy’s iPad.

“They both got ran over?”

The roofer pulled them both from his cab and showed Eric the tire tracks on both. The iPad and the iPhone were never even on the garbage truck. The roofers had found them in the road and, thinking they were maybe broken, tossed them in the cab. Eric was of course very happy, but there was one mystery remaining.

“I have to ask you guys a question,” asked Kyle, “Did you go to Hooters earlier today?”

“Yes” said one roofer.

“Where do you think he’s gonna want to eat lunch every day?” asked another. He was still drinking from a Hooters paper-cup.

And the iPad/iPhone? Not so good. The iPhone was obviously still working, as it had faithfully sent GPS updates back to them, but the screen was crushed. The iPad was broken in a strange way. Whatever had driven over it was very heavy... enough to crush the aluminum unibody casing hard. The screen, although popping out at the edges, was completely unscathed.

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