Wednesday, June 30, 2010

iPad Gyroscope

iPhone 4 gyroscope was X-rayed, and appears to likely be added to a future iPad edition.

Two new looks at the gyroscope found in Apple's iPhone 4 provide a closer examination of the technology behind the motion sensor, also indicating that the feature will be added to a future revision of the iPad (along with a camera).

This empty iPad slot hints at future gyroscope...

TechInsights took a look inside Apple's iPhone 4, finding it was made by ST Microelectronics. The 3-axis MEMS (microelectromechanical system) gyroscope is made by the same company that produces the accelerometer found both the iPhone and iPad.

Steve Bitton, senior analyst with TechInsights, noted that there is an empty slot on the iPad motherboard, perfectly sized to fit the gyroscope found in the iPhone 4. It is also located next to the accelerometer, and within proximity of the application processor.

The discovery suggests that Apple originally planned to have a gyroscope in the iPad, released in April in the U.S., but ultimately decided to leave the sensor out of the first-generation hardware.

"When Apple's iPad first came out, the InvenSense gyro was the only three-axis digital gyro on the market, so Apple may have designed its board with that component in mind," the report said. "Indeed, Apple may have included it in the iPad initially, but may have ultimately decided against using it in either device."

iFixit took a closer look at the iPhone 4 gyroscope, along with the help of Chipworks. This revealed that the gyroscope is made by ST Microelectronics, labeled as AGD1 2022 FP6AQ. The MEMS integrates electronic and mechanical components at a micro scale to measure the 3D orientation of the device.

The gyroscope allows for far more precise movements with the device. App Store offerings to demonstrate the capability in the game Eliminate:GunRange, a $1 title from iTunes for the iPhone 4. The software allows users to conduct virtual target practice by aiming their gun with precise movements 3 dimensional movements of the device, something that is only capable with the awesome gyroscope found in the iPhone 4.

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