Thursday, June 17, 2010

iPad App Review: Where's Waldo HD

Where’s Waldo? HD The Fantastic Journey for iPad has players competing in an action-packed, hidden-object game, as they search for Waldo and his friends. Hundreds of items are hidden and discovered across 12 worlds. This game will help players gain advantage during their search, the gameplay is enhanced with surprise elements, Ludia and Classic Media explain. Where's Waldo's official description includes a number of key features exclusive to its iPad version.

The developers have added a new Party Mode for players to compete on the same iPad to see who finds hidden objects first, as well as two Single Player modes, which can be used timed as well as untimed. Probably the most prominent iPad-specific feature of the game is the HD graphics, although the new quests and the hundreds of additional objects to find are likely to make the delight of gamers and fans of Waldo.

Finally, the iPad version includes surprise elements mentioned above...

• New Party Mode where players compete on the same device to see who finds their hidden objects first.
• New Eye-popping HD Graphics: Designed and optimized for the iPAD’s advanced capabilities.
• Additional Quests: Each world now has more of the game play that you love.
• Expanded voices of beloved characters: Waldo, Wenda and Whitebeard come to life as they communicate with you.

“We are thrilled to bring a game that resonates so well with players of all ages to a new level of fun on a device perfectly suited for amplified game experiences from anywhere at any time.”

Love'd the original one on iPhone but now on the iPad... it is perfect! Love the multiplayer mode that was added for the iPad. Lot of fun for the whole family...

Available for $5 from the Apple iTunes App Store

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