Friday, June 25, 2010

iPad App Review: We Rule Gold

We Rule is like FarmVille for the iPad. Things start innocently enough in level one, but as you level up and tackle the tutorial challenges, an interesting thing happens... the game gets serious.

Planting and harvesting crops is a key part of gameplay, but your efforts should be focused on trying to level up by accruing experience points. Leveling up allows you to expand your kingdom, unlock farm patches and find other essentials throughout the gameplay... shops, plants, statues, roads and rivers are needed for your kingdom.

Some of this may sound like nonsense, but most of your time will be spent designing your kingdom, and there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to add a dragon’s lair or prison to your kingdom and not having the funds to do so.

The best part about the game is that everyone from your friends to Digg’s Kevin Rose is in on the RPG. This makes for extra enticing gameplay because you can add your friends from real life and web life as neighbors and check out their kingdoms or buy goods from their shops.

  • Over 20 varieties of delicious crops to plant, grow and harvest
  • Over 50 unique structures to build and customize your kingdom
  • Dozen of unique Villager professions to keep your citizen population active
  • Mystical power of Mojo speeds up your harvesting and building projects
  • Vibrant 3D art, charming characters and a persistent, connected world
  • Integration with Plus+, the social play network, with awards, friend search and more
  • Ongoing game updates with customizations, features, themes and more

Available for FREE from the Apple iTunes Apps Store

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