Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPad App Review: Reeder For iPad

Since an iPad is so perfectly suited for reading, weather, news, magazines of the web, its surprising that the iPad hasn’t yet gotten a really top shelf RSS newsreader. Reeder, a quirky RSS reader for the iPhone, was recently updated for the iPad and might be the best reader yet, although you’ll have to re-learn a few things and be prepared for some quirks, and maybe a few crashes.

Ebooks, magazines and even PDFs can be browsed elegantly on the iPad. RSS fans have a wide choice but nothing that stands out. NetNewsWire is a cousin of the venerable Mac app and is fast but lacking features: you can't subscribe to feeds from within. NewsRack is full-featured, but can also grow sluggish and takes an a long time to refresh your feeds.

Reeder strikes a balance, and adds a unique UI to the mix. Here’s how I would use it when I start work in the morning.

I launch Reeder and hit the refresh button. Reeder is a Google Reader client, so it stays in sync with your web and desktop clients. A refresh takes a mere 13 seconds. In comparison, NetNewsWire on my PC took 35 seconds to do the same thing, and doesn’t include your social feeds. Reeder is almost unbelievably fast when compared to others.

There is one big downside... Reeder has crashed more than a couple times for me. It can go days without a problem but every once in a while it just quits on me..often a few times in a row.

Available for 3,99 € from Apple iTunes App Store

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