Monday, June 21, 2010

iPad App Review: GodFinger

The idea of the game is to create a thriving planet populated with followers to do your bidding. Earning gold, mana, and awe let’s you level up and build better items to help you earn all three achievements as fast as possible.

You earn gold by placing followers at barns or farms. These are used to buy new items in the store. You need to earn/use mana for rain, sunshine, lightning and the other nature elements required for planet functions. You can earn mana by putting followers at your shrine. Awe is a special element that you earn each time you level up, and you can use it at the Awe Store. You can also buy it if you get desperate.

Perform an impressive array of Wonders to convert your planet’s inhabitants into devoted followers. Put your new followers to work – provide buildings, control the elements, and earn gold to continue leveling and customizing your planet.

Open-Ended Gameplay
Be a kind, caring god or a destructive demagogue. Level up and unlock new Wonders to perform on your followers and power their economy, including sun, rain, lightning, fire and flood.

Watch Your Planet Evolve
Every decision you make impacts the look of your planet. Use rain to grow a desert oasis, dense woods or lush rainforests. Use the sun to populate your world with exotic flowers. Activate powerful runes and your planet will expand – providing more land to shape.

Grow More Powerful
Earn gold, perform Wonders and convert followers to gain experience. Level up to unlock powerful items, buildings and Wonders to perform on your followers.

Be A God Among Friends
Add your friends’ planets to your galaxy and visit them at any time. Convert one of their followers into a Mystic to access cool bonuses and new goals. Send your friends gifts and postcards, and let everyone know what you’re up to through Facebook and Twitter updates.

This game is absolutely amazing. I have spent almost a third of the time that I have had with my iPad on this app. I used to love pocket god on my iPod touch, but this is so much deeper and really makes you think. I love strategizing as to how I can improve my planet. A few things that I would like for the future is the ability to give followers specific jobs, for example one main farmer, or one main religious leader.

GodFinger Available For FREE for the iPad from Apple iTunes App Store

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