Monday, June 7, 2010

iPad App Review: Enigmo Deluxe

iPad App Review: Enigmo Deluxe

Enigmo is a classic for any early iPhone users: it was one of the first games released out there so it holds a it is something special. Now Pangea has brought the game to the iPad as Enigmo Deluxe with improved graphics and controls that are optimized on its large screen, and a level editor that can expand the game infinitely.


If this is the first time you've heard of the Enigmo games, the basic gameplay mechanic involves placing different things in the game world to route liquid from the origin dropper to the jar. This can mean placing a platform to change the angle of the liquid that’s falling, then placing a bumper to bounce the liquid higher, then placing a sponge to collect the liquid and drip it in to the jar. You have to get 40 drops into each jar in order to complete the level.

So what’s so good about Enigmo Deluxe on the iPad? For starters, the game feels incredibly awesome using a touchscreen. On the iPhone it was already smooth and tight, but on the iPad it is awesome on the larger screen. While the gameplay is kept nearly the same as the iPhone / Mac version, the iPad version adds a native level editor which means limitless expansions. With the level editor you can create entire new levels, or just edit the levels with level packs which are available.


The casual puzzle lovers, including past Enigmo players will enjoy the iPad version. Enigmo Deluxe is definitely worth the 7 bucks with well over 300 puzzles and the ability to create levels. After you play it for a while, Enigmo 2 will likely follow and look even more awesome on the iPad. Duncan Knarr did an amazing job on the 3d graphics they absolutely shined on the iPad's 9.7 inch screen!

Developer: Pangea Software
Price: $7
Buy it here...

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