Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPad App Review: Dizzypad HD

Who knew having frogs leap from lilypad to lilypad could be so addicting? But in much the same way that DoodleJump can be fun...it can be just as frustrating for hours at a time, so too can Dizzypad HD for the iPad.

The object of the game is to get the frog from one lilypad to the next, by carefully timing each leap so as not to land in the water and loose a life. This is one of those games that is deceptively simple, it will lure you in with its easy premise and then make you feel like a fool when you can’t beat your own high score.

Unlike most great games on the iPad, this one comes completely free of charge from the Apple iTunes Store but only if you just play the classic mode. If you are anything like me, you’ll fork over the $1.99 (each) to add sliders, memory, and battle modes. They’re definitely worth the extra cash.

Sliders: A fun twist on the classic mode. Test your timing with pads that slide back and forth instead of rotating in place!

Memory: Be a froggy matchmaker and test your memory by picking frog pairs. Guaranteed to sharpen your wits!

Battle: Duke it out on the pond with a friend in this 2 player mode! Try your best to gobble each other up until your frog grows the largest.

Beautiful display with the water ripples and shimmers, the adorable, bright frogs, and I love seeing glimpses of what's underwater. The reflection of the moon is nice. Realistic water, frog, and lily pad sounds! Fun, breezy music. Great game to play no glitches, slow load times, or anything like that. This is a wonderfully developed app!

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