Saturday, June 5, 2010

iPad App Review: Air Display HD

Ever wish you had an extra display for your computer? There's an app for that! With Air Display HD, you can use your iPad as a wireless display for your Mac OS X computer. Developed by Avatron Software, home of the popular Air Sharing apps, Air Display lets you position your iPad next to your computer, drag windows onto it, and interact with those windows as you would on any other computer display.

Air Display HD (US$ $9.99).


Does what it says - makes your iPad show up as an external display on your Mac. I leave my iPad in a stand underneath my 24" LCD all day, now I can use it as if it were an external monitor.

Don't let the setup steps involved scare you off. You have to install the support software, and reboot, and I had to jump through some hoops to rearrange my screens in Display Settings, but once it's set up, it works great.

I played some HD video (720p shot on a Canon T1i DSLR) to test. With the video file half on my iPad screen, and half on my regular monitor, Air Display played the video fine, albeit at a slower framerate. The video itself looked great. Windows and apps looks great in Air Display, thanks to the gorgeous iPad IPS screen.

Overall...great app!

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