Tuesday, June 29, 2010

iOS 4 For iPad In November

Apple has quietly hinted at a launch window for iOS 4 on the iPad, while the company's website has slipped another clue that iWork is on its way to the iPhone. An AdAge report suggests that Apple has been informing marketers that the iAd platform will extend to the iPad in November.

Steve Jobs initially pointed to iOS 4 availability on the iPad sometime "this fall." The iAd platform is known to be directly integrated with iOS 4.

Many of Apple's international online stores posted a "learn more" infolink for iPhone AppleCare warranties, which includes software support for iWork on the iPhone among other topics. The iOS 4 pages briefly included an iPhone interface image showing an option to open an attachment in Keynote, although the company quickly replaced the iWork reference with an iBooks selection.

Apple has yet to officially confirm if iWork will be coming to the iPhone.

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