Friday, June 11, 2010

Best iPad App Awards

iPad TabToolKit, available for $10 at the Apple App Store, gives guitar players tablatures for a wide range of songs. The app includes an audio synthesis engine that enables you to listen to and control the audio for all instrument tracks individually. TabToolkit makes learning how to play your favorite songs on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and other instruments easier and more fun. It offers a beautiful design with high-fidelity artwork optimized for iPad.

iPad App Review: TabToolkit

Flight Control HD is available for $1 from the Apple App Store, a 3D game for iPad which enables users to play against each other. Flight Control HD offers more layouts, including a 3D layout, head-to-head and multi-device play options, enhanced Multi-Touch control, and improved game mechanics enabled by the large iPad screen. This game is a great example of innovative gameplay, outstanding use of Multi-Touch, and superb attention to detail.

iPad App Review: Flight Control HD

Star Walk is available for $5 from the Apple App Store, is an iPad app that helps stargazers spot constellations and planets from where they are standing. It makes discovering more than 9,000 stars, planets, constellations, and messiers beautiful and easy using OpenGL ES 2.0 to create stunning 3D graphics delivered at 30 fps. Star Walk uses the accelerometer, compass, and Core Location frameworks to accurately determine orientation, bearing, and location to enable viewing of the night sky as it appears from your location.

iPad App Review: Star Walk

Pinball HD is available for $3 from the Apple App Store and has a real Pinball simulator with high-fidelity artwork and beautiful 3D graphics. This HD pinball game offers unique sound effects, a soundtrack with atmospheric music, and voices played using Core Audio. Its high performance, multiple camera views and support for real-time orientation changes brings you inside the action.

iPad App Review: Pinball HD

Financial Times is available for $FREE from the Apple App Store presents an elegant user interface with animation, shadows, transparency, off-white paper color, nice typography, and intuitive navigation. Integrated photos and video nicely augment printed content.

iPad App Review: Financial Times


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