Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bad Reason To Return Your iPad

You waited in line. You paid your money. You took it home. Now what? You showed it off a little, but then you realized that you have too much use for your iPad. Can you take it back? Yes you can, but it will cost you...

Apple gives you two weeks to bring your iPad back to the place where you bought it for a refund. It must work (if you have a DOA

iPad you have to take the matter up with tech support) and have everything that came with it inside the box. Apple will issue you a refund minus a 10% restock fee.

If you purchased your iPad at a Best Buy store, you can return you iPad for a refund (minus a 10% restock fee) provided that you bring the item back in good, operating condition with all the contents of the original package. If the device is DOA, you need to contact Apple technical support for return authorization.

Worst reason to return it...

It didn't take long for me to encounter the dark side of this revolutionary device: it's too good.

It's too easy. Too accessible. Both too fast and too long-lasting. Certainly there are some kinks, but nothing monumental. For the most part, it does everything I could want. Which, as it turns out, is a problem.

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  1. Worst fanboy ever.
    Come back when you shouldn't return it because it DOES play flash, or take USB, or has an open app system

  2. Best Buy doesn't have a restocking fee any more.

  3. i think i just vomitted in my mouth.

  4. its funny how you people are saying "wtf" and "i just vomitted in my mouth" when if you didn't like this review, or story, then why the hell read it , Jesus Christ you people are retarded.


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