Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple iPhone 4: Retina Display

960x640 resolution: This is the native resolution of the Retina display, which crams over 600,000 pixels onto a 3-1/2-inch screen (326 pixels per inch). This is 4 times as many pixels as the current iPhone 3GS, at 320x480 native resolution on the same size of screen (163 PPI)  This is slightly more than newer competitors

  • Motorola Droid (854x480, 265 PPI)
  • Nexus One (800x480, 252 PPI)
  • 300 PPI is typically regarded as the limit of useful pixel density, and the iPhone 4's mark of 326 is among the best available on any display.

800:1 contrast ratio: This describes the ratio of the darkest black to the brightest white a display can produce. Contrast ratio specs are easy to inflate depending on how you measure them, and usually measured in low ambient light situations that are uncommon to experience in real life with a phone.

IPS technology: Speaking of OLED, Jobs referred to the IPS-based (in-plane switching) LCD screen used by Apple "Quite a bit better than OLED." That remains to be seen, but in general OLED will produce higher contrast, by virtue of its ability to display a darker black,.

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